Customer Review

“I’m really glad they offer this treatment here. I’ve read about celebrities having it, it’s known as the ‘porcelain doll’ treatment. I’ve only had one session so far but my skin feels much softer and looks smoother already.”

Abby Johnson

Carbon Skin Rejuvenation Treatment

This new, revolutionary treatment shrinks pores, reduces the appearance of fine lines and imperfections and makes your skin look and feel firmer. The treatment produces great anti-ageing effects on the face, neck, chest and hands.

How It Works

A thin layer of carbon paste is applied to the skin. The carbon absorbs dirt from within the pores, reduces the inflammation of acne and exfoliates the skin.

A low energy laser is then passed over the surface of the skin. The laser breaks down the carbon, taking with it any contaminants that it has absorbed. The warming effect from the destruction of the carbon stimulates the collagen in the skin, leaving skin plumper and glowing and diminishing fine lines. Pore size is reduced, a more even skin tone is achieved, there is a reduction in the appearance of fine lines and skin feels firmer.

This treatment is pain-free. The process of breaking down the carbon paste does create a small amount of warmth but this is not uncomfortable.

The number of sessions are optional but results increase the more sessions that you have.


Price List

Free initial consultation and patch test.

Per Session
Face and Neck

Laser and light treatment should always be carried out by a qualified and trained professional. The Laser Clinic Cookham is owned and run by Wendy Lynch BSc (Hons) ADipBT, a specialist in Laser and Light Therapy.